Third-party software

Minorthird uses a number of third-party systems. Currently these are all distributed with Minorthird, but anyone using the code (especially for commercial use) should be aware of the licensing issues.

Note that two of these third-party are licensed under GPL, which has very restrictive terms of use. In each case, the authors have informally agreed to a second release under LGPL for the purpose of incorporation into Minorthird, but I haven't quite worked out the paperwork for this yet.

Bean Shell

Lightweight Scripting for Java

On-line documentation available at

LGPL and Sun Public License


Part of speech tagging, based on Brill's TBL algorithm, training on the usual LDC corpus. For more information, see

GPL license


Sequential classification learning based on conditional random fields. For information and documentation, see

University of Illinois/NCSA Open Source License


Open Source Libraries for High Performance Scientific and Technical Computing in Java

Developed at CERN, European Laboratory for Particle Physics

On-line documentation available at

COLT aggregates code written under various License agreements, see

Gauss-Newton and Conjugate-Gradient optimization

This code implements a Gauss-Newton optimization of objective functions that can be iteratively approximated by quadratics. This approach is particularly appropriate for least-squares inversions of moderately non-linear transforms. You will also find code for conjugate-gradient and line-search optimizations.

The code come from:


Required by JFreechart

On-line documentation available at


JFreeChart is a free Java class library for generating charts of various sorts.

It requires jcommon.jar.

On-line documentation available at

LGPL License


Code for implementing unit tests

On-line documentation available at".

IBM's Common Public License Version 1.0


This package can be found at:


Code and documentation in the lib/ directory

LGPL License


Code for the SVM learners

Information can be found at:


Code for logging events, for debugging purposes.

On-line documentation available at

Apache License


Plugin-compatible replacements for most JDK collections, plus support for collections of primitive types.

On-line documentation available at

LGPL License

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